What to Expect


We are looking for pickers in the intermediate to advance level. What exact level of player that ends up at the camp depends on the pool of applicants that we have to choose from. Since there is no application fee there isn't much of a risk in applying whether someone thinks they are at the "right" level or not. We are looking for engaged learners who are eager to listen and learn from some of the best, we want students who are just excited about the banjo as we are and that are banjo nerds to the core! While the camp will be working on skill-building, we are putting together programming that will build up banjo players with a holistic approach, an approach that will hopefully have a long-lasting effect on each players' ability to improve even after the camp is over.

Please keep in mind that we’re learning as we go and that the audition is a tool for understanding who we will be teaching. We will be creating the curriculum after we’ve seen all of the auditions. It’s also a chance for Béla to give individual attention to each players’ needs, he will be listening with kind ears. Don’t worry so much about making it perfect, the audition tape is intended to give us an overall sense of who you are and giving us a starting point.

We will be adding additional teachers to the lineup, so stay tuned for more announcements!